About us


United by their similar upbringing and shared love of thrifting and styling, Ponte Las Pilas has blossomed into events, content creation, private styling services, and photoshoots. Drawn together by their mutual respect for the other’s fashion sense and business savvy, Estefany and Josmary began collaborating 4 years ago. The foundation of friendship runs through the business model, with their commitment to Queens creatives and showing love to other Latinx and Queer artists. Pulling inspiration from television, streetwear, and their own sazón, their website has been curated into an experience, allowing each element of life to be enhanced by their own aesthetic. 


Meet Estefany 

For Estefany, thrifting began as a necessity as a Honduran immigrant, but her curated innovation transformed these circumstances to be an opportunity to give new life to overlooked pieces. Estefany studied public relations and communications, followed by a career in digital marketing. With years of retail experience infused with her technical skills, she utilizes fashion as a vehicle for storytelling.  Committed to lifting up others as she continues to expand her business, Estefany dedicates her work to a true celebration of growth. She honors the phases of life and emotions of personal experiences to create looks that feel sincere for each client. 


Meet Josmary   

Josmary is based in New York City and has been professionally styling for over 5 years. Her fashion sense is molded by her formative years of perusing family-owned boutiques on Flushing Ave in Queens, mixed with her Latina culture. She views clothing beyond cut and colors, but rather the ability to encourage vibrancy and a unique sense of beauty.  Across music videos, photoshoots featured in online magazines, and styling her loved ones, Josmary wants each person to flex color and accessories to embody the intersection of chic, cultural identity, and pride.